Gfkk is a private club, exclusively for people over 18 years old
you have to become a member of Gfkk if you want to attend; for membership
 we need your identification documents

Our members love to live their own sexuality without limitations. We promote free sex ...
let yourself overwhelm by fantasies and emotions !!


You have to keep in consideration privacy, reserve and courtesy

Singles need reservation.
It's forbidden to hold and to use any kind of drug.

I'ts forbidden to use cameras, cellular phones and similar ones.
Direction can withdraw your membership card without any explaination.
Member are invited to advise every wrong behaviour.
Minimum three people may enter the room.

Gfkk is a trasgressive club but our freedom end because
it cannot collide with other people's freedom

Gfkk condemns pedophilia and any form of violence.

You could not find paid sex in our club.
Every intercourse will happen according to mutual approval and according to swinger philosophy.